20 Examples of Sentences

A sentence is a combination of words, or a group of words together forms a sentence.

One or more phrase or clause together forms a sentence.

examples of sentences

Examples of Sentences

  1. Everything is perfect.
  2. She is a beautiful girl.
  3. He is doing some work.
  4. We like spicy dishes.
  5. My friend is eating pizzas.
  6. Hazel is watching a movie.
  7. We are traveling.
  8. I will call you later.
  9. Dogs are Man’s best friend.
  10. She drives a car.
  11. I am riding a bicycle.
  12. Mom is cooking something special for us.
  13. I will go for a morning walk regularly.
  14. Mayank drinks a milkshake.
  15. She made me happy today.
  16. He is not like other guys.
  17. We have been best friends since childhood.
  18. She is crying for a toy.
  19. Amul products are very delicious.
  20. They are very serious about their relationship.

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