Tenses Examples (96 Sentences of all tenses)

Hello students, Here we are going to learn tenses with examples. We have provided eight examples of each tense. It helps to understand how to make proper sentences according to tense.

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Tenses Examples

Simple Present Tense Examples

  1. She reads English books daily.
  2. The birds sing a song in the morning.
  3. He loves to play football.
  4. Do you get up early in the morning?
  5. The river flows towards the ocean.
  6. They teach in a public school.
  7. We go to the vegetable market daily.
  8. Does he speak English?

Present Continuous Tense Examples

  1. We are eating seafood.
  2. He is driving an electric car.
  3. She is not singing a good song.
  4. I am breaking security rules.
  5. They are cutting cardboard.
  6. Is she focusing on our study?
  7. I am meeting the chief minister tomorrow.
  8. They are watching an action movie.

Present Perfect Tense Examples

  1. I have finished my homework.
  2. He has passed the exam.
  3. She has cleaned her kitchen.
  4. They have ridden an English book.
  5. We have seen marriage photographs.
  6. My father has lost the key.
  7. Have you written a poem?
  8. He has lived in London for two weeks.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense Examples

  1. You have been calling her friend.
  2. They have been studying hard.
  3. He has been sleeping since the afternoon.
  4. She has been going to gymnastics.
  5. A teacher has been teaching here since 2015.
  6. We have been learning English lessons.
  7. He has been painting since morning.
  8. Emma has been reading that book for two hours.

Simple Past Tense Examples

  1. We played video games after school.
  2. I cooked delicious food.
  3. She wore new clothes to the party.
  4. He understood all the examples.
  5. They spent all the money on the trip.
  6. Did she sleep early in the night?
  7. I lost my wallet in the office.
  8. James grew a rose plant in a pot.

Past Continuous Tense Examples

  1. They were buying a new house in the city.
  2. We were going to the library yesterday.
  3. He was doing a great job.
  4. I was playing with my cat.
  5. Dora was studying hard during the exam.
  6. My mom was baking a pancake.
  7. You were watching a movie.
  8. It was raining yesterday evening.

Past Perfect Tense Examples

  1. He had eaten snacks before dinner.
  2. She had gone to swimming classes.
  3. Had they run very fast in the marathon?
  4. I had done my homework yesterday.
  5. They had not worked for four hours.
  6. She had lost thousands of dollars.
  7. He had broken glass.
  8. I had scored full marks during the exam.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense Examples

  1. He had been telling a lie.
  2. She had been working for four hours.
  3. We had been watching a horror movie.
  4. They hadn’t been calling her friend.
  5. Yesterday, I had been studying very hard.
  6. Had I been writing a letter?
  7. They had been working in the garden.
  8. I had been cleaning a house.

Simple Future Tense Examples

  1. She will buy a new car for dad.
  2. He will read all the lessons today.
  3. A Teacher will teach the whole students.
  4. I won’t complete my homework.
  5. They will go to the market in the evening.
  6. William will spend all their time with his friends.
  7. He will score good marks in the exam.
  8. Will he drink a glass of water?

Future Continuous Tense Examples

  1. He will be going to college.
  2. I will be receiving a letter tomorrow.
  3. She will be doing a great job.
  4. They will be marrying her friend.
  5. Tom will be becoming a good actor.
  6. My teacher will be teaching in a classroom.
  7. I will be losing weight every day.
  8. She will be watching a movie on her mobile.

Future Perfect Tense Examples

  1. She will have written a letter.
  2. He will have sung a French song.
  3. They will have build a house.
  4. I will have worked in this company.
  5. Martin will have learned all the lessons.
  6. Will she have gotten angry with me?
  7. They will have told her friends.

Future Perfect Continuous Tense Examples

  1. He will have been reading a book since morning.
  2. She will have been singing a song for two hours.
  3. I will have been working in this company for five years.
  4. Emily will have been running her business since 2018.
  5. The teacher will have been teaching since morning.
  6. I will have been talking for one hour.
  7. It will have been snowing for a week.

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