20 Examples of Past Continuous Tense Sentences

Are you searching for examples of past continuous tense sentences? Here we have twenty Sentences of past continuous tense are as given below.

Past Continuous Tense is also called past progressive tense.

20 Sentences or Example of Past Continuous Tense

Examples of Past Continuous Tense Sentences

  1. They were playing basketball after school.
  2. He was eating food.
  3. The rain was raining tonight.
  4. She wasn’t watching the movie.
  5. They were going to the library.
  6. He was doing a great job.
  7. I was not writing a letter.
  8. My television wasn’t working properly.
  9. We were celebrating a festival.
  10. The teacher was teaching in a class.
  11. The dog was barking a man.
  12. They weren’t studying English these days.
  13. Dona was buying a new iPhone.
  14. She wasn’t coming to the party.
  15. My dad was going to London.
  16. They weren’t speaking English today.
  17. The sun was shining.
  18. I was doing well.
  19. He wasn’t watching a movie for two months.
  20. I was traveling by train.

More Tense Examples

Exercise on Past Continuous Tense

Fill in the correct form of the verb as shown in the above sentences.

  1. They ______ going to market.
  2. he _____ playing football.
  3. I_____ watching a movie.
  4. she_____ talking about yourself.
  5. children _______ coming to the classroom.
  1. They were going to market.
  2. he was playing football.
  3. I was watching a movie.
  4. she was talking about yourself.
  5. children was coming to the classroom.