25 Negative Sentences Examples in English

What are Negative sentences?

A sentence (may be simple or complex) that shows negation of a particular statement is called a negative sentence. Learn 25 examples of negative sentences in English.

Negative Sentences Examples

  1. My father is not going to his office.
  2. She hates playing tennis with her classmate.
  3. He doesn’t work anywhere.
  4. They don’t even try to meet me after the farewell.
  5. do not have my Email ID yet.
  6. They won’t come to participate in the tournament.
  7. He is not feeling well during the lecture.
  8. You don’t have to hide your face in front of me
  9. Rodger is not moving anywhere outside the town.
  10. This is not a smoking zone.
  11. They haven’t played any games yet, so they’re so energetic now.
  12. I will not come to his birthday party.
  13. The climate will not be going to change till the morning.
  14. The coach is not satisfied with the goals scored in the match.
  15. She had not completed her homework.
  16. The player is not wearing his helmet.
  17. He does not make mistakes while writing.
  18. He forgets to bring some of the stuff from the bus.
  19. The fire station is not located near this city.
  20. The train is not running on time.
  21. They will not send emails to their seniors.
  22. She convinced me not to throw the equipment outside.
  23. His car has failed to start in the morning.
  24. Do not spoil the weekends of your kids.
  25. Johnson was not responsible for this mistake.
examples of negative sentences

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