Types of Sentence, Definition & Examples


In the English language, A Sentence is defined with words, or many words are arranged in a proper manner that makes complete sense.

According to Wren & Martin, “A group of words which makes a complete sense is called a sentence.”


  • Andrew gets up early in the morning.
  • Emma works hard during exams.
types of sentence

What are the Four Types of Sentences?

  1. Assertive or Declarative Sentence.
  2. Imperative Sentence
  3. Interrogative Sentence
  4. Exclamatory Sentence

Assertive or Declarative Sentence

An assertive sentence is also called a declarative sentence, as these sentences assert, state, and declares also. This sentence relates to facts, thoughts, opinions, and beliefs, ending with a full stop.
These are the most usable sentences, among others, which can be of any length that contains a subject snd an object.


  • David loves traveling with friends.
  • The moon is the satellite of the earth.

examples of assertive sentence

Imperative Sentence

An Imperative sentence expresses an order, request, command, and suggestion. We use this type of sentence on our daily basis. In an imperative sentence, the subject is always the second person that is you, and that’s why we can easily recognize them.

as we can say that-

  • An imperative sentence can mainly be found in stories, novels, biographies/autobiographies, literature.
  • Imperative sentences can be used to make ads.

While writing these sentences, we should know points-

  • For normal command, the sentence must end with a full stop.
  • For forceful command, the sentence should end with an exclamation sign (!).


  • Please come here.
  • Don’t shout.
  • Go to the grocery shop.

examples of imperative sentence

Interrogative Sentence

The word interrogate means to ask something. Similarly, an Interrogative sentence means a sentence that asks a question, and this sentence always ends with a question mark sign (?).

These sentences always get accordingly in the form of a question.

Occasionally, the interrogative sentence’s answers are only yes/no, but sometimes it needs a brief explanation.

Wherever we need to collect some information, we use the interrogative sentences.


  • When did he will come to my house?
  • Did you complete your assignment, which I had given yesterday?

examples of interrogative sentence

Exclamatory Sentence

A Sentence that expresses some strong, unexpected, and extraordinary emotion and surprise or sudden changing thoughts is called an exclamative sentence.

An Exclamative sentence can easily be identified, which always ends with an exclamation sign (!).


  • Please, talk to me now!
  • What the hell, man!
  • Never give up!

examples of exclamatory sentence