20 Examples of Determiners in English Grammar

Are you finding examples of Determiners in sentences? Here we have twenty sentences of the Determiners.

In the English language, determiners are used to determine the word at the beginning of a sentence, a noun, or the name of any object. The determiners are also used to refer to the nouns in a sentence to express them clearly.

Some specific determiner words are used to indicate some specific things.

Such determiners are,

  • The definite article: the
  • Indefinite articles: a, an
  • Possessives: his, her, your, its, my, our, their, whose
  • Demonstratives: these, those, this, that
  • Interrogatives: which
examples of determiners

Examples of Determiners in Sentences

  1. The farmer is plowing the farmland.
  2. These are my childhood friends.
  3. This dog is from one of the special breeds.
  4. This is my problem, and I know how to handle this?
  5. Whose pen is this?
  6. That car is shining brighter in the sunlight than daylight.
  7. He came to our party yesterday.
  8. Tell me your father’s name.
  9. Her gossips are out of the world.
  10. He is that wanted criminal whose warrant has been released.
  11. She went outside to jog in the garden.
  12. It is not your fault. I failed to apply brakes.
  13. I met person yesterday mistakenly.
  14. The lecture has been going so long.
  15. Those workers are good at work who did this work last time.
  16. He is the guy whose name is written in this courier.
  17. His father went outside of the city for a few days.
  18. A few days back, we saw huge lion in the forest.
  19. What is your residential address?
  20. Do you want an extension to finish the major project?

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