Examples of Active and Passive Voice

Examples of Active and Passive voice

examples of active & passive voice

Present Simple

  • Emma writes a letter. 
  • A letter is written by Emma.

Present Continuous

  • Emma is writing a letter.
  • A letter is being written by Emma.

Past Simple

  • Emma wrote a letter. 
  • A letter was written by Emma.

Past Continuous

  • Emma was writing a letter.
  • A letter was being written by Emma.

Present Perfect

  • Emma has written a letter.
  • A letter has been written by Emma.

Past Perfect

  • Emma had written a letter.
  • A letter had been written by Emma.

Future Simple

  • Emma will write a letter.
  • A letter will be written by Emma.

Future be going to

  • Emma is going to write a letter.
  • A letter is going to be written by Emma.


  • Emma must write a letter.
  • A letter must be written by Emma.

Modal Perfect

  • Emma should have written a letter.
  • A letter should have been written by Emma

  1. Active: She was writing an assignment.

Passive: An assignment was being written by her.

  1. Active: The chef is baking the cake in the oven.

Passive: The cake is being baked in the oven by the chef.

  1. Active: The Tata Group of Companies hired around 150 employees.

Passive: Around 150 employees were hired by the Tata Group of Companies.

  1. Active: My friend always helps poor people.

Passive: Poor people are always helped by my friend.

  1. Active: Management had already discussed this problem.

Passive: This problem had been discussed already by Management.

  1. Active: The postman has delivered all the postcards to their destination.

Passive: All the postcards have been delivered to their destination by the Postman.

  1. Active: He buys a set of jeans pants from the Shopping mall.

Passive: A set of jeans pants is bought from the shopping mall by him.

  1. Active: I was drinking Pepsi in the theatre.

Passive: Pepsi was being drunk by me in the theatre.

  1. Active: She will have known my address location.

Passive: The address location of mine will have been known by her.

  1. Active: The coffee machine has filled a cup of coffee within 10 seconds.

Passive: A cup of coffee has been filled by the coffee machine within 10 seconds.

  1. Active: The shopkeeper was selling large sugarcanes to the customers.

Passive: Large sugarcanes were being sold to the customers by the shopkeeper.

  1. Active: Ronaldo is playing a football game.

Passive: A football game is being played by Ronaldo.

  1. Active: He keeps his secret away from his family.

Passive: The secrets are kept away by himself from his family.

  1. Active: We are watching a horror movie in the theatre at night.

Passive: A horror movie is being watched in the theatre at night by us.

  1. Active: She gave a precious stone to Jack to keep safe.

Passive: The precious stone was given to Jack to keep safe by her.

  1. Active: I was studying a book in the library.

Passive: A book was being studied by me in the library.

  1. Active: Children will have broken the window’s glass of Martin’s house.

Passive: The window’s glass of Martin’s house will have been broken by the children.

  1. Active: He laughed at Tom in the museum.

Passive: Tom was laughed at by him in the museum.

  1. Active: My Uncle smokes Cigar every evening.

Passive: Cigar is smoked every day by my uncle.

  1. Active: Thomas is inviting his office colleague at his own birthday party. 

Passive: An office colleague is being invited to a birthday party of Thomas.

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