Examples of Past Indefinite Tense in Sentences

In this lesson, we are going to learn twenty examples of past indefinite tense in sentences.

examples of past indefinite tense in sentences

Examples of Past Indefinite Tense

  1. He ate chicken at night.
  2. She wrote a poem yesterday.
  3. We played tennis in the evening.
  4. I did my homework last night.
  5. They worked in the library.
  6. Did you feed a goldfish and prawns?
  7. I kept all the books in the cupboard.
  8. Did you take all the tablets?
  9. Children fought with the teen.
  10. The girl replied quite politely.
  11. The boys wanted to play in the rain.
  12. We went to the movies last Sunday.
  13. When did you go to the gym?
  14. They didn’t have dinner.
  15. He became a doctor two years ago.
  16. My neighbor bought a new house.
  17. We drank warm water in the morning.
  18. She cooked a delicious dessert.
  19. When did you come from Italy?
  20. I caught twelve fish in the river.

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