20 Examples Of Regular verbs in English

20 examples of all three combined forms of regular verbs (base, past simple,and past participle):

examples of regular verb
  1. I had already completed my project work.
  2. I work here as a part-time job to earn extra money for education.
  3. He learned martial arts in his childhood.
  4. I asked for permission from my mother to go swimming with friends.
  5. She moved her scooter to give a path for my car to park.
  6. They walk around 2 miles every morning.
  7. He smashed the door by kicking on it.
  8. They kicked a football very high in the sky.
  9. He purchased a bike to give to his younger brother on his birthday.
  10. I will approve your idea at the meeting.
  11. She is attached very much to my family members.
  12. I have already prepared for the match.
  13. The bank manager bounced my cheque for certain reasons.
  14. My friend advised me after a heartbreak.
  15. I’m here to answer your questions. Ask me?
  16. She cheated on her boyfriend John.
  17. I always try to maintain my physique.
  18. I tried this dress in the trial room in a shop.
  19. Someone had checked my wallet in my absence.
  20. I am irritated by this noise.

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