20 Examples of Infinitives in Sentences

Infinitives in sentences are verbs whose functions like nouns, adjectives, adverbs. An infinitive is used to express opinions, purposes, or answers to a question in a sentence. It usually starts with the word ‘to’ along with the base verb in a sentence.

Rather than Infinitives being verbs, they don’t act like a verb willingly that they are used as nouns, adjectives, or adverbs in sentences. 

examples of infinitives

Examples of Infinitives in Sentences

  1. I love to eat spicy food.
  2. She used to sleep in the darkness at night.
  3. He stopped there to help the person caught in an accident.
  4. She needs to find that book before her father comes.
  5. He took a long run to throw the javelin.
  6. The teacher tells stories on topics to understand better.
  7. My friend hates to bathe in the winter season.
  8. She uses a recipe book to cook food.
  9. To run in the Olympics, you have to wear track shoes.
  10. Grandpa uses a walking stick to walk somewhere.
  11. They all hide themselves to make fun of me.
  12. Peter wanted to become a chef after his studies.
  13. My childhood dream was to fly an airplane.
  14. He hates to drink water in plastic bottles.
  15. He bought paint to paint his house this weekend.
  16. Albert is studying hard to score in the exams.
  17. I used this place to hide when I was young.
  18. She doesn’t know that how to use this gadget.
  19. Put your shoes out if you want to come inside.
  20. We’ve decided to go to the hill station this year.

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