20 Could and Would Sentences Examples

Are you looking for could and would examples? Here you will find 20 sentences of could and would examples.

could and would sentences examples

Could and Would Sentences Examples

  1. Could you open the door, please?
  2. Could I use your pen for a minute, please?
  3. Would it be ok if I use your bike for a couple of days?
  4. Would you like to have coffee?
  5. You could try these new clothes.
  6. If I had a million dollars, I would buy a new sports car.
  7. She could sing good songs When she was younger.
  8. I knew you would top in an exam.
  9. He could be watching a movie.
  10. Ben is not answering his phone he could be busy.
  11. Would you mind if I borrowed your laptop?
  12. Would you open the door, please?
  13. Could you pass this book?
  14. He could have cracked this interview.
  15. She could be sleeping.
  16. Would you mind opening the window?
  17. We could try these new cookies.
  18. This cookie could be delicious.
  19. He could be watching videos at home.
  20. We could try this new video game.

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