20 Examples of Adverbial Phrase

What is an adverbial phrase?

A group of words that is used in place of the phrase having the same impact as that of the adverb is called an Adverbial Phrase.

Any phrase that is used to remodel any adjectives, verbs, or adverbs in any sentence, then that phrase is called the Adverbial Phrase.

adverbial phrase examples

Examples of Adverbial Phrases used in sentences

  1. Sing a song for me in that tone.
  2. Make your voice low in the Hospital.
  3. There is a cricket match on Sunday.
  4. John will be here by the next year.
  5. She has a habit of talking too much.
  6. James is trying to pass the exams by hook or by crook.
  7. He is eating his tiffin so slowly.
  8. The wind is so strong I can hardly hear.
  9. She invites all her friends in a group to come to her birthday party.
  10. Emma is working so fast on his project 
  11. The speaker is playing very loudly.
  12. The professor is teaching their students in an easy way.
  13. He tells his words in an easy way.
  14. Once upon a time, everyone was illiterate here.
  15. Students left as soon as possible when the teacher entered the class.
  16. The blackboard is needed to be slightly up so everyone can see that easily.
  17. We are closing this theatre for a while.
  18. Rescuing Maya from the Hostel is not quite easy as we think.
  19. Robert is driving very carefully while crossing the traffic.
  20. She went to Australia as quickly as possible.

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