20 Examples of Adverb of Frequency

An Adverb of frequency is said to those adverbs whose property changes the meaning or qualifies the sentence by expressing the frequency of the action and how often it occurs in the sentence.

They are subdivided into two parts as definite and indefinite, respectively.

The definite adverbs express the specific amount of time of action when it happens, and the indefinite adverbs do not mention any specific time notation that when the action occurs.

The Definite adverbs include words such as ‘yearly, annually, weekly, monthly, daily, or hourly,’ which represents a specific amount of time. And the Indefinite adverbs include words such as ‘often, rarely, never, ever, always, sometimes’ respectively.

examples of adverb of frequency

Examples of Adverb of Frequency in Sentences

  1. never wait for them as they always make mistakes.
  2. Christina refused to give the hourly charges.
  3. He always sleeps in the morning.
  4. However, they also go on tours frequently.   
  5. Our family goes to Haridwar once a year.
  6. He went to Canada many times.
  7. The examinations are held yearly.
  8. He mostly talks about cars and technologies.
  9. Maria sometimes forgets to close the door of her house.
  10. We pay him on a monthly basis.
  11. My friend goes to the gym once a week.
  12. She often uses her cellphone a day.
  13. He frequently organizes rally races in his area.
  14. Our principal sometimes forgets to pass the attendance sheet.
  15. I’ve been trying to do this for a long time.
  16. She often looked at me, and then she left form there.
  17. Our father usually takes us out for dinner.
  18. Peter has not submitted the yearly charge sheet.
  19. Julie hates that festival which comes once a year.
  20. This robotic machine never speaks anything.