Examples of Irregular Verbs

20 examples of Irregular Verbs are in sentences.

examples of irregular verbs

#1. Irregular verbs in base form.

  1. I write a letter to my wife. 
  2. He wakes me up early in the morning.
  3. I can understand your feelings.
  4. David throws a ball very high into the sky.
  5. If you want to tell me something, please tell me!
  6. You take all these fruits to your home.
  7. I come every day to swim in this lake.
  8. You can sit here.
  9. This phone rings every day at this time.
  10. You guys make me crazy.

#2. Irregular verbs of Past simple forms.

  1. I saw (see) her crying in the garden sometimes ago.
  2. One of them tore (tear) my t-shirt in the practice.
  3. It hurt (hurt) my feelings.
  4. Your phone rang (ring) continuously for ten minutes.
  5. You left (leave) your bike keys in his shop.

#3. Irregular verbs of Past participle forms.

  1. Robin had told (tell) everything about the stolen money.
  2. The final round has already taken (take) place between both the finalists.
  3. She had stolen (steal) all the diamonds from the shop.
  4. They have gone (go) somewhere in South Africa.
  5. The doctor had done (do) the heart surgery successfully.
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