20 Examples of Subjunctive Mood

Subjunctive Mood

The Subjunctive mood is a form of the verb, which refers to the subject’s moods in a sentence depending on the situation where the action takes place. It is used to express possibilities, wishes, desires, doubts, or suggestions that are usually indicated by the indicative verb used in sentences.

examples of subjective mood

Examples of Subjunctive Mood in Sentences

  1. If I were a journalist, I would focus on the topic of educational awareness.
  2. The teacher asked that he be honest.
  3. He suggested that I start the business on my own.
  4. If my brother were here, he could control the situation.
  5. She proposes that Geeta be asked to prepare the cookies.
  6. If I were not in this condition, I would definitely dance with you.
  7. Maya suggests that Robin join the group discussion.
  8. Merry suggests that I go to help her.
  9. If today were my holiday, I would join you on a trip.
  10. She demands that I be available for her.
  11. He demands I have an opportunity.
  12. I wish you were always happy in your life.
  13. My child suggests I cook pasta for breakfast.
  14. The owner suggests I complete the task by this evening.
  15. If I were rich, I’d travel to different places.
  16. If he would propose to me, I say yes to him.
  17. I wish I could come along with you.
  18. Hannah suggests that I join the lecture.
  19. She doesn’t know if she could sustain her energy in the game.
  20. My wife suggests that I be available for her in critical situations.