20 Examples of Finite Verb

A sentence has a verb called the main verb. Every sentence needs a finite verb to complete its structure. The main verb used in every sentence will function as a finite verb.

examples of finite verb

Examples of Finite Verbs in Sentences

  1. She completes her assignments at the given time.
  2. Don’t argue with me on this when I refused it already.
  3. Just make a call to me if I am found busy.
  4. She did not give the dinner until I confessed my mistake.
  5. We had a great moment with all our friends, and we wish to make it happen again.
  6. Don’t just wait for your turn. Turn this time into an opportunity.
  7. He covered all the random things before his parents arrived at home.
  8. Pass me the ball if you don’t find a way to make a goal.
  9. It doesn’t matter how he played today; I do believe in his game.
  10. was totally surprised when he brought a gift for me.
  11. was working on my projects when you were outing with your friends.
  12. Samuel had taken this project to the next level.
  13. You should stand properly when any older person asks you questions.
  14. Our game is improving continuously, and it is a good sign for us.
  15. She started working on it as she got a mail last night.
  16. am going to prepare breakfast for everyone.
  17. The students are not listening to their teacher.
  18. Now I am working on myself to participate in the Olympics.
  19. In the end, bad conversation destroyed everything.
  20. We planned many things together.