100 Sentences of Simple Present Tense

Are you looking for 100 sentences of simple present tense? We have brought you a list of 100 sentences of the simple present tense in affirmative, negative, and interrogative.

Sentences of Simple Present Tense

100 sentences of simple present tense

Affirmative Sentences in Simple Present Tense

  1. The thief clears the place.
  2. The teacher forgives their students.
  3. He finishes the race on time.
  4. She holds my hand in the crowd.
  5. Sammy invites all of us to the party.
  6. The actor destroys the shooting area.
  7. He involves me in his plan.
  8. We develop some software applications.
  9. He accepts the invitation.
  10. She studies at school
  11. He lives in Turkey.
  12. John likes ice creams.
  13. The course starts on Monday.
  14. Jimmy drinks water.
  15. He finishes his dinner.
  16. My mother takes out the trash.
  17. I like to talk to my neighbors.
  18. The driver drives the car very fast.
  19. I can explain you in detail.
  20. The Businessman accepts the deal.
  21. I forgive you this time.
  22. I do believe in you.
  23. I want this car as my birthday gift.
  24. We do like each other.
  25. The food looks so delicious.
  26. We love how to play cricket in off-lectures.
  27. Robin and his friends bunk the class.
  28. We arrange a party.
  29. My sister cooks delicious food.
  30. My friends and I go for the morning walk.
  31. Columbus discovers America.
  32. He plays carrom very well.
  33. My friend loves to play basketball.
  34. Martha goes to school.
  35. They write a letter to her brother.
  36. An earthworm aerates the soil.
  37. The vegetables smell fresh.
  38. He increases his charges.
  39. Parents receive the information from the school.
  40. She improves her skills.
  41. The farmer works very hard.
  42. The fisherman sleeps on the boat.
  43. Eagle flies high in the sky.
  44. Scientists discover many things.
  45. He measures water to cook food.
  46. We meet some strangers on the street.
  47. They all leave us quickly.
  48. My father’s stick falls from the ceiling.
  49. I do love to play cricket.
  50. Try to avoid drinking and driving.
  51. A tsunami destroys everything.
  52. Students fire the bus for some reason.
  53. The police officer finds the culprit.
  54. They hide their identity.
  55. We must contribute something to this organization.
  56. The file contains some important information.
  57. We continue to dance after dinner.
  58. He always corrects me.
  59. The coach encourages his players before the match.
  60. Some newcomers join the party in between.

Negative Sentences of Simple Present Tense

  1. I don’t like to drink tea.
  2. The teacher doesn’t support weak students.
  3. Martha doesn’t like to solve maths sums.
  4. The Chef doesn’t add extra cheese to the pizza.
  5. I don’t choose to stay here.
  6. I don’t like to eat raw food.
  7. The ball doesn’t look after some time.
  8. I don’t want to become a lawyer in the future.
  9. Nobody dresses well in fancy dress competitions.
  10. She doesn’t hide her secret.
  11. The principal doesn’t agree with our request.
  12. I don’t see her in the garden.
  13. Gulam doesn’t swim every morning.
  14. The story doesn’t begin from the beginning.
  15. No one calls the police on the spot.
  16. Honey doesn’t buy any grocery items.
  17. It doesn’t happen all the time, don’t panic.
  18. The compounder doesn’t carry the patient toward the ambulance.
  19. She doesn’t forget her cell phone in my car.
  20. The delivery man doesn’t deliver the parcel to the proper location.

Interrogative Sentences of Simple Present Tense

  1. Do I sleep in an open place?
  2. Does the teacher allow us to play an act?
  3. Does it consist of some starchy foodstuffs?
  4. Do you speak louder?
  5. Do you complete your homework?
  6. Does this truck carry enough load?
  7. Do these students complete their assignments?
  8. Who falls from the branch of a tree?
  9. Does the cat finish the milk?
  10. Does he watch movies?
  11. Do you like celery beans?
  12. Does he describe me cleverly?
  13. Does he contribute some cash to the organization?
  14. What do you expect from me?
  15. Where does he live?
  16. Does your aunt hide something from me?
  17. Why does he influence some of my friends?
  18. Do we collect some postcards?
  19. From where do the strangers follow my car?
  20. Why does the sunlight increase my heartbeats?

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