20 Examples of Interrogative Sentence

We use to ask questions to anyone purposely in our daily life. These questionable statements are called an Interrogative Sentence which ends with a question mark sign (?).

examples of interrogative sentence

Examples of Interrogative Sentence

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where are you going tomorrow?
  3. You had your dinner last night, don’t you?
  4. How much did you score in tests?
  5. When will these holidays end?
  6. Why are you laughing in the classroom?
  7. Which color do you prefer?
  8. The lyrics of this song is fascinating, isn’t it?
  9. Do you know the price of one gold coin?
  10. Do you want to eat something?
  11. What would you like for dinner?
  12. Could you open the door for me?
  13. Do you want to join us at the pool party?
  14. Have you completed your assignments?
  15. This sound is so horrible, isn’t is?
  16. How often do you go to the dentist?
  17. Do you like ice cream or milkshake?
  18. Are you coming to Goa or not?
  19. Where does Nora come from? is she American?
  20. Is your English getting better?

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