20 Examples of Plural Nouns in Sentences

Plural Noun

A plural noun is a noun that represents more than a single person, place, thing, or object.
learn twenty examples of plural nouns in sentences.

Plural Nouns Examples

  • Person: men, women, people, children.
  • Object: boxes, buses, knives, books.
  • Animals: cows, monkeys, goats, sheep.
  • Things: flowers, feet, teeth, apples.
plural noun examples

Examples of Plural Noun in Sentences

I have put the plural noun in bold.

  1. The company fired some employees.
  2. The last benchers are always disturbing the entire class.
  3. Students from the Open category are not allowed to write an exam.
  4. There are so many villages near my hometown.
  5. The customers are bargaining with the shopkeeper.
  6. Players are not performing well due to humidity.
  7. The candidate knows many languages.
  8. Thoughts swing the mood of a person.
  9. Some employees are very talented in our department.
  10. Most of the leaves fell from the tree.
  11. Trees are cutting rapidly for some project work.
  12. People came asking for permission.
  13. Grandmothers always tell stories to kids.
  14. He won many trophies in childhood.
  15. The computer lab has a lot of computers.
  16. Elephants are enjoying themselves in the pond.
  17. Potatoes are rich in starch.
  18. Some ladies are gossiping about each other.
  19. My friend ordered some storybooks online.
  20. The dignitaries are arriving shortly.

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