Not Only But also Examples

not only but also examples

Not only but also Sentences Examples

  1. My favorite cricketer is not only M.S Dhoni but also A.B De Villiers.
  2. He is not only good-looking but also intelligent.
  3. She speaks not only French but also French.
  4. Sarah not only looks beautiful but also she is intelligent.
  5. John is not only poor but also unemployed for the past three years.
  6. She not only speaks Spanish but also understands French better.
  7. My friend is not only rich but also a famous influencer.
  8. We visited not only Japan but also Istanbul.
  9. Sam was not only a brilliant student but also the topper of the batch.
  10. Amelia likes not only Cheesecake but also Milkshakes.
  11. He is not only perfect in studies but also a pro Basketball player.
  12. An artist does not only plays guitar but also dances smoothly.
  13. He speaks not only German but also speaks Portuguese.
  14. Her mother is not only a teacher but also a Dental assistant.
  15. His handwriting is not only good but also neat and clean.
  16. Shanaya not only paints but also sculpts professionally.
  17. My husband is not only a writer but also a well-trained boxer.
  18. The car he purchased is not only looks luxurious but also very comfortable from the inside.
  19. I am not only an engineer but also a photographer by passion.
  20. This newspaper is not only popular but also provides good quality services.

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