Examples of Possessive Pronouns in Sentences

Are you finding examples of possessive pronouns in sentences? Here we have twenty sentences of the possessive pronouns.

A possessive pronoun is a pronoun that is used to show possessive nature regards the given pronoun in the sentence, which is also called possessive adjectives. It shows possession to a pronoun, or it takes the place of any noun, pronoun, person, animal, specific object, thing, or place, respectively.

The possessive pronouns are ‘mine, ours, yours hers, his, its theirs’, and they are not written with an apostrophe in a sentence.

examples of possessive pronoun

Examples of Possessive Pronouns in Sentences

  1. This pencil box is mine.
  2. You can take this pen because that pen is mine.
  3. The cricket pad is theirs.
  4. This seat is mine. Where is yours?
  5. We finished our dinner. How about yours?
  6. I left my bag out of the station, and he left his.
  7. She received her package. Did you receive yours?
  8. He is my husband. He’s mine.
  9. He lost his wallet in the crowded marketplace.
  10. All the kinds of stuff in this room is hers
  11. Why don’t you give me my phone back, it’s mine.
  12. The dog has eaten all its food correctly.
  13. She denied swapping the room with hers.
  14. You can take anyone from it, and this is all ours.
  15. The entire security force is theirs.
  16. She is our class teacher, not yours?
  17. My laptop has been discharged completely. Will you please give me yours?
  18. Did you ever notice that this luxurious car is mine?
  19. These all are my fans, not hers.
  20. My friend always refuses to travel. His back pain increases during travel.