Simple Sentence Examples

English Example Sentences, examples of simple sentences

examples of simple sentences
  1. Emma is writing a letter.
  2. We wake up early in the morning.
  3. My brother speaks loudly.
  4. I have driven a car.
  5. We are trying to understand.
  6. I am buying a new pair of shoes.
  7. Do you play basketball?
  8. I have become a police officer.
  9. They have a computer.
  10. She is going to take swim lessons.
  11. He has been watching movies.
  12. We are planning a new trip.
  13. The teacher teaches in the classroom.
  14. I am working hard during exams.
  15. She loves to play with dogs.
  16. Did he cook dinner?
  17. He speaks german usually.
  18. They broke the glass.
  19. We have won the match.
  20. I walked in the morning.
  21. I walked in the morning.
  22. They talk too much.
  23. My son lives in London.
  24. I run every weekend.
  25. She belongs to this place.
  26. Does he drink coffee?
  27. He goes to the gym every day.
  28. They sleep in the afternoon.
  29. The earth is spherical.
  30. She buys the car.
  31. I like to draw pictures.
  32. We love flying kites.
  33. My father goes to the office.
  34. Does he write an essay?
  35. My brother sometimes forger his keys.
  36. It usually rains every day.
  37. He has a big house.
  38. Dog barks loudly.
  39. I like comics books.
  40. We swim every morning.
  41. Ben brushes her teeth.
  42. I work as a teacher.
  43. He does not play basketball.
  44. They dance like idiots.
  45. We walk for 5km every morning.
  46. Does she live in New York?
  47. Bees live in large groups.
  48. I eat chocolate every day.
  49. We attend a lecture every day.
  50. He wants something.