20 Examples of Material and Abstract Noun

What is Material Noun?

A material noun is a noun that is an object, or a material that is made naturally extracted by nature or by animals, plants, or any natural means and not by human efforts are called Material nouns.

What is Abstract Noun?

A noun that indicates an idea, thoughts, or feelings other than a concrete noun that we cannot see, touch, smell, or taste is called an abstract noun.

examples of material and abstract noun in sentences

Examples of Material Noun in Sentences

  1. The bottle is full of acid.
  2. They are going to a cement factory to work.
  3. His son is a drug addict and caught by the police.
  4. Food is wrapped in aluminum foil paper.
  5. These jewels and gold are no good.
  6. A farmer is harvesting the cotton plants from the farmland.
  7. Kerosene is good for keeping sodium metal preserved.
  8. His kid likes to eat ice cream and chocolates.
  9. Tailor always use scissors to cut the clothes into shapes.
  10. A cricketer breaks the bat while playing a shot.
  11. Animal skin is used as leather for making leather products.
  12. Gorge’s vehicle is stuck in the sand.
  13. Fabric cotton dresses are on-trend for these new generation kids.
  14. The odor of the rose perfume is outstanding.
  15. He gifted a gold-plated chain to her wife.
  16. The market price of petrol and diesel is decreasing day by day.
  17. The artisan cuts the glass into pieces with the diamond cutter.
  18. His son is playing with the plastic hammer toy.
  19. In early times, teachers used chalks in schools while writing on the blackboards.
  20. Eating raw vegetables is good for health and rich in nutrition.

Examples of Abstract Nouns in Sentences

  1. I want to hear the truth regarding this situation.
  2. He will definitely achieve success in his life.
  3. His strength and energy are always on a hike compared to others.
  4. Never reveal your strengths and weaknesses in front of others.
  5. Hunger teaches everything.
  6. kind human being is always better than the rich one.
  7. His Uncle always believes in spirituality.
  8. Whenever two or more ladies gather, the gossips go longer than expected.
  9. The players defeat their opponents in the tournament.
  10. His faith in God is very deep.
  11. He is trying to control his anger by drinking a cold drink.
  12. Hard work is the key to achieving success.
  13. My ideas may surprise you this time.
  14. She loves her pet unconditionally.
  15. Kindness in behavior is always my priority.
  16. We snatched our freedom from the British rulers.
  17. My friends always take advantage of my thin voice.
  18. He always makes fun of me by provoking me.
  19. She rides a bike at full speed.
  20. He is always appreciated by teachers for his brilliance.