20 Examples of Non-Finite Verb

In any sentence, if any verb does not change itself according to the subject and the tense of a sentence, then that verb is called the non-finite verb

It does not work as an actual or finite verb in sentences. Despite that, they work as an adjective, adverb, or a gerund in a sentence.

examples of non finite verb

Examples of Non-Finite Verb in Sentences

  1. I hate eating junk food.
  2. He forgives his brother to drive rashly on the road.
  3. Tarun drinks hot water after waking up.
  4. They bought a lot of roasted chicken along with them.
  5. He waited there to see the entire drama.
  6. She has not given any homework to their students.
  7. He stayed there to support the social workers.
  8. The scared man pressed the button of the lift.
  9. She has to find the key before evening.
  10. Pawan has closed the driving side gate of the car.
  11. He rejects to drink with us that time.
  12. Yogesh watched a man working near the construction site.
  13. A child came to wish me on my birthday.
  14. They all found the location where the program was held.
  15. Everyone was ready to dance on the track.
  16. Mahendra Singh is the most loved cricketer in India.
  17. She refuses to sleep alone in the darkness.
  18. They needed rocking music to enjoy that time.
  19. Umar refused to come closer to that little pet.
  20. flying plane looks smaller than the still one.