20 Examples of Noun in Sentences

Definition of Noun:

The Noun that specifies the name of a specific person, place, thing, or idea in any sentence.
Most of the sentence contains a subject that is also called a Noun.

examples: milk, movie, john, London, god, day, etc.

noun examples sentences

Examples of Noun are used in Sentences

  1. Cow milk is beneficial for health.
  2. She can not play the Guitar.
  3. My mother works in a school.
  4. Do you live in America?
  5. The sun rises in the east.
  6. Dogs are very faithful animals.
  7. She works in a garden daily.
  8. The ball smashed through the window
  9. There are lots of animals in the Amazon jungle.
  10. My mother cooks delicious food.
  11. She put the milk in the refrigerator last night.
  12. That was a horror movie I watched yesterday.
  13. The colors of the interior walls are looking beautiful.
  14. He has no faith in God.
  15. Jumbo is one of the best dancers in this academy.
  16. I am leaving for Paris this Wednesday.
  17. One of my friends is working in an Indian Embassy.
  18. English is the first language that I learned when I was a baby.
  19. The statue of liberty is situated in the United States.
  20. Mountain trekking is one of my hobbies.