20 Positive Sentence Examples in English

Hello students, Are you looking for a positive sentence example in English? Here you will find twenty examples of positive sentences.

Positive Sentence

What is a Positive Sentence?

A positive sentence is a sentence that has a positive meaning. It is often used to describe something that is good or nice.

Some examples of sentences with a positive meaning are “I have a lot of friends,” and “I am happy.”

positive sentence example

20 Examples of Positive Sentences

  1. My mother cooks a very delicious pizza.
  2. Robin will go to the birthday party.
  3. My brother bought the latest gaming laptop.
  4. Everybody had been laughing in the classroom.
  5. You should follow a proper diet plan.
  6. Sophia lost her wallet yesterday.
  7. We will have dinner tonight.
  8. Michael’s father is a government officer.
  9. I scored out of mark in the exam.
  10. Gita plays an excellent guitar.
  11. Everybody will participate in the marathon.
  12. We wear a black jacket and a white T-shirt.
  13. I go to the market every day with my mom.
  14. Children are playing with the football.
  15. Sohan has written an essay on the population.
  16. He washes his car daily.
  17. I have caring friends and family.
  18. She has been feeling happy today.
  19. We genuinely love our parents.
  20. The sun is shining in the sky.

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