20 Can Sentences Examples

Hello students, Are you looking for “can” examples sentences? See here, In this post, we have brought to you a twenty list of can examples.

can sentences examples

Can Sentences Examples

  1. My brother can drive a car safely.
  2. We can celebrate here also.
  3. They can go to the party.
  4. can not jump very high.
  5. Can you please pass me a chopstick?
  6. The Blue whale can eat a shark fish.
  7. My friend can easily speak four languages.
  8. What can he think of me?
  9. A woman can try to live her life independently.
  10. That green snake can fly in the air.
  11. An alligator can bite very hard
  12. Can you hold my baby’s hand for a while?
  13. She can eat raw meatballs.
  14. We can count up to 50, and then we start surfing.
  15. They can come and join our group if they want.
  16. Ram can hold his breath for so long underwater.
  17. You can complete your task itself.
  18. He can try to eat some random cuisines.
  19. can’t get your words.
  20. You can take your steps back if you’re not really sure.

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