Do and Does Sentences Examples

Are you looking for do and does sentences examples? See here, we have created a thirty list of do and does sentences.

The words “do” and “does” are used in a sentence to accomplish the action of a sentence.

do and does sentences examples

Do and Does Sentences Examples

  1. They do not like fast food.
  2. She does some creative work in her bedroom.
  3. John does not write an essay
  4. How dare you do this to me?
  5. Do your homework!
  6. Do believe in me.
  7. Do not cross your limits.
  8. What does he do on off days?
  9. We have to do something on this topic.
  10. They do not understand my feelings.
  11. How does this application work?
  12. do love this sport.
  13. He does want to join my team this year.
  14. She does her hair before going to school.
  15. Do you love watching this movie?
  16. My friend does some standup comedy.
  17. do believe in myself.
  18. How do I do this to you?
  19. You have to do this task in a short time.
  20. She does everything only for your reputation.
  21. What does he cook for breakfast?
  22. You want to do some extra effort into your study.
  23. This does not make any sense.
  24. She does not care for me anymore.
  25. Does Istanbul have many beautiful places?
  26. do not accept her business proposal.
  27. I think my friend does not cheat on her partner.
  28. Do you want to speak fluent English?
  29. Do whatever you like to do this weekend.
  30. Where do you live in Australia?

Do and Does Questions

  1. Do you eat dinner?
  2. Does he sleep early at night?
  3. Does she study hard during the exam?
  4. Do you know each other?
  5. Does peon ring the bell?

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