20 Examples of Personal Pronouns are in sentences

A personal pronoun is a pronoun that represents a subtitle of the proper name of a person. ex. he, she, it, they, we, etc.

Here I have provided twenty examples of personal pronouns are in sentences.

examples of personal noun in sentence

Examples of Personal Pronoun

  1. He plays badminton in our academy.
  2. She is working with a Microsoft company.
  3. They are completing their homework.
  4. We have to be thankful for the food.
  5. He left his meeting file at home.
  6. Many chocolates are there in his pocket.
  7. His father is not a lawyer.
  8. We don’t have a child at this time.
  9. We have done it successfully.
  10. You are supposed to join us.
  11. She is weak in mathematics.
  12. They cooked chicken at yesterday’s party.
  13. love to play with my new pets.
  14. She went to school without having breakfast.
  15. Does he go to the gym for a workout daily or not?
  16. Kids like to enjoy themselves with him so much.
  17. It is not your responsibility.
  18. Don’t you understand my words?
  19. We bathe every day, even in the winters.
  20. He is going to Japan for higher studies.