Examples of singular Noun are in Sentences

A singular noun is a noun that represents a single person, place, idea, or thing. here I have provided twenty examples of a singular noun.

examples of singular noun are in sentences

Examples of Singular Noun are in sentences

  1. Children here walk several miles to school.
  2. I always have a boiled egg for breakfast.
  3. A good book is a light to the soul.
  4. Observation is the best teacher.
  5. Can you pick up the pen for me?
  6. The plant has a brilliant purple flower.
  7. The car was completely crushed under the truck.
  8. Each bird loves to hear himself sing.
  9. Every mother thinks her child is beautiful.
  10. Our country has a glorious past.
  11. You cannot sell the cow and sup the milk.
  12.  The child is the father of the man.
  13. Her hair was tied back with a black ribbon.
  14. Gossiping and lying go hand in hand. 
  15. He deposited the books on the desk.
  16. The boys were kicking an old ball around.
  17. You can adjust the height of the chair.
  18. This picture is the best you have painted.
  19. If you cannot bite, never show your teeth.
  20. Nature is the glass reflecting truth

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