20 Examples of Objective Pronoun in Sentences

A pronoun itself is called an objective pronoun when it works as an object in a sentence. It often comes after the preposition in the sentence. Objective pronouns are the types of personal pronouns that are used in a sentence grammatically.

There are seven major objective pronouns: ‘him, her, me, it, you, us, them’ respectively.

examples of objective pronoun

Examples of Objective Pronouns in Sentences

  1. She prepared some delicious cookies for me.
  2. The committee offers washing machines to us during elections.
  3. Politics make them cruel even more than they were in their past.
  4. Take me to that place where you guys visited last week.
  5. Robert believes her more than him.
  6. He started pointing towards me.
  7. The Security guard warns us to stay away from that Monument.
  8. The world cup was lifted one by one by all of them.
  9. My elder brother gave me 500 rupees.
  10. Richard trusted him and helped him completely.
  11. Ch. Shivaji Maharaj defeated all of them single-handed.
  12. All of them greeted him for his achievement.
  13. Danny will never understand me because he hates me.
  14. They all failed to stand on it.
  15. She is hiding something from you.
  16. A woman has superpowers like you.
  17. They brought several dresses for us.
  18. He went to school to wish them.
  19. It made me very popular at that time.
  20. My mother cooked food for all of us.