Neither nor Sentences Examples

Learn examples of neither-nor sentences examples.

neither nor sentences examples

20 Examples of Neither nor Sentences

  1. Neither James nor Jack mentioned this place in their tutoring spots.
  2. Neither India nor England won the series.
  3. She can neither make cookies nor pasta for all of us.
  4. They had neither laughed nor reacted to my joke.
  5. Neither his father nor his mother came to the parent-teacher meetings.
  6. I will neither forget nor forgive you for this mistake.
  7. Neither the blue shirt nor the black jeans suit me.
  8. She neither expressed nor felt sorry for her loss.
  9. They can neither speak nor write French.
  10. Her sister is neither intelligent nor beautiful.
  11. You can have neither a pastry nor a cheesecake.
  12. This novel is neither read by anyone nor seems interesting.
  13. That older man can neither walk nor talk properly.
  14. Neither the cruise nor the ship is suitable for this journey.
  15. He will travel neither by subways nor by flights.
  16. The train will come neither late nor early in Japan.
  17. Neither my elder brother nor my mother cooked food for today’s lunch.
  18. I will wear neither black nor blue trousers.
  19. His brother’s bike colour is neither white nor brown.
  20. The lecturer neither takes class regularly nor completes the course completely.

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