100 Examples of Collective Noun are in sentences

Here we have provided the most common 100 examples of collective nouns are in sentences. Collective Noun is a noun that represents a collection of people, things, animals, and objects.

Examples of Collective Noun

Here are some examples of collective nouns that follow.

  • People: team, crowd, crew, colony, army, class, family, staff
  • Things: pack, album, group, comb, list, bunch
  • Animals: fold, hive, herd, bale, flocks, clutter, troop, pod
examples of collective noun in sentences

Collective Noun Example for People

  1. Choir: A group of singers.
  2. Regiment: A regiment of army soldiers.
  3. Board: A board of directors, trustees.
  4. Tribe: A native people live in a forest.
  5. Pack: A group of rascals, thieves.
  6. Bunch: A collection of crooks.
  7. Crowd: A crowd of spectators and people.
  8. Staff: An employee group together called staff.
  9. Committee: A group of people in management.
  10. Flock: A tourist group together went touring.
  11. Company: A group of actors and soldiers.
  12. Class: A group of students or pupils in a single place.
  13. Army: A group of soldiers protects the nation from the border.
  14. School: A place of learning skills, getting an education.
  15. Body: A body of downloading, men, and pathologists.
  16. Audience: A group of people functioned as listeners.
  17. Gang: A laborers group, prisoners, robbers, thieves as their profession.
  18. Group: A group of dancers, singers, artists, performers.
  19. Band: A union of musicians, robbers, tribes, and a set of people with common interests.
  20. With her beauty and looks, a bevy of beautiful girls always grabs glory.

Collective Noun Example for Animals

  1. Flock: A collection of birds, and sheep.
  2. Pack: A pack of howes and wolves.
  3. Bed: a place where mollusks and underwater habitats.
  4. Troop: A group of monkeys and lions.
  5. Nest: A nest of ants, mice, and rabbits.
  6. Flight: A group of birds, doves, locusts, swallows.
  7. Plague: A community of locusts and large insects.
  8. Brood: Brood is a group of young animals, hatchlings.
  9. Litter: A group of cubs, piglets, kittens, and puppies.
  10. School: A school of small fishes, porpoises, and whales.
  11. Pride: A group of lions, predators, or impressive birds like peacock and ostrich.
  12. Swarm: A group of a pesky bout of flying insects, like pets, bees, ants, rats, and flies.
  13. Host: A host is a colorful posis of swaying in the breeze.
  14. Herd: A collection of animals like elephants, cattle, deers, goats, and swine.
  15. A group of fishes is called the howlcatch.
  16. The swarm of gnats and bees covered the players of volleyball.
  17. This map shows that the bed of the ocean is full of mollusks found in shallow offshores.
  18. menagerie or zoo is a place of wild animal stay.
  19.  A congregation of alligators is swimming in a pond.
  20. muster of peacocks is dancing in the rain.

Collective Noun Example for Things

  1. Bunch: A bunch of bananas, flowers, keys.
  2. Punnet: A bunch of strawberries together called punnet.
  3. Stack: A collection of wood, timber, hay, corn, and arms.
  4. Clump: A clump of bushes and trees.
  5. Catalog: A list of the price of equipment, things, and substances.
  6. suit of clothes.
  7. suite of furniture and rooms.
  8. chain of events and mountains. 
  9. The flight of airplanes and stairs.
  10. Harvest of wheat is started after some time.
  11. cluster of coconuts, grapes, and diamonds.
  12. stand of saplings growing faster due to continuous rain.
  13. constellation of stars is passing nearby the earth.
  14. A soldier killed an enemy with a hail of bullets in his chest.
  15. clump of fragrant lavender plants is a joy to behold.
  16. More number of cigarettes and letters is called a packet.
  17. range of hills and mountains together located on earth.
  18. All friends together gifted a necklace of pearls at her wedding.
  19. fleet is called where a large number of vehicles, boats, taxis are placed.
  20. The number of coins, curiosities, pictures, and relics is called a collection.

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