20 Examples of Imperative Sentence

What is an Imperative Sentence?

An Imperative Sentence is a statement sentence that delivers a command, offers advice, or requests someone. In this sentence, mostly the subject is absent, and it ends with a full stop.
In certain cases, the sentence ends with an exclamation sign.

Imperative Sentence Example

Imperative Sentence Example

  1. Don’t dare to touch my vehicle.
  2. Do your assignments at your home.
  3. Wait for my call.
  4. Don’t go anywhere with strangers.
  5. Kindly accept my apology letter.
  6. Could you please make some extra space for your traveler?
  7. Get me some fruit from the refrigerator.
  8. Don’t forget to call me after reaching the destination.
  9. Play this game with me.
  10. Take this axe and cut down this tree by the evening.
  11. Stop overreacting.
  12. Do not behave like a dumb.
  13. Respect your elders.
  14. Read the entire paragraph loudly.
  15. Don’t forget to switch off the lights.
  16. Please maintain silence in the hospital.
  17. She didn’t complete her task.
  18. Never believe in your luck, work hard.
  19. Take a marker and write something on the board.
  20. Please keep quiet!

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