20 Examples of Quantitative Adjective

A Quantitative adjective is a word that represents the quantity of a noun or another thing. It modifies the noun in a sentence by either a cardinal number or an ordinal number.


Examples of Quantitative Adjectives in Sentences

  1. Shital has four bananas in her hands.
  2. A student from class 5th ranks first in the Handwriting competition.
  3. Seven white horses are selected for that shoot.
  4. We are trying to place him in the top 10 employers of the year.
  5. A few of them came secondly to visit the Qutub Minar.
  6. She has been waiting for around two hours.
  7. He has left the city yesterday at 8 o’clock.
  8. Three students are being restricted because of ragging on the school premises.
  9. Not a single person has to be left behind.
  10. The first attempt was a little bit hard than the second one.
  11. He gave me a little amount of water left in the bottle.
  12. He passed all the tests on his first attempt.
  13. She is very lucky to have a first baby girl child.
  14. Remo has many books that are issued from the library.
  15. It is proven that regular one-hour exercise will give you a lean physique.
  16. This will be enough for both of us.
  17. None of them had tried to cross the barricade.
  18. Some farmers are trying to protest for their rights in front of the parliament.
  19. All eleven players gave their best during the match.
  20. This place is sufficient for all of us to stay a single night.

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