Examples of Adverbs in Sentences


An adverb in a sentence specifies more about an adjective, verb, or adverb itself. It reveals a relation of place, time, grade, manner, incidence, necessity, etc. with the subject.

20 Examples of Adverbs in Sentences

  1. Tortoise walks very slowly.
  2. His car crashed severely.
  3. She never bunks her classes.
  4. This matter is quite severe.
  5. This door opens frequently.
  6. He likes to do shopping occasionally.
  7. The presentation is almost completed.
  8. Phil has been seriously injured in a road accident.
  9. He is speaking very gently.
  10. The trains are generally on time.
  11. She lost her train just a couple of minutes ago.
  12. John finishes his homework quickly.
  13. She speaks sweetly with the dignitaries.
  14. This is a fragile material, handle it carefully.
  15. The Maths teacher fastly completes the syllabus.
  16. The house is simply prepared for the kids.
  17. An aeroplane is flying above the clouds.
  18. The rabbit runs too fast than the tortoise.
  19. James wants to eat more candies than his friend.
  20. He caught eating his tiffin during the lectures.