20 Examples of Coordinating Conjunction

What is a coordinating conjunction?

The purpose of the coordinating conjunction words is to combine two different nouns, two independent clauses, two different adjectives, and verbs. A sentence can have one or more coordinating conjunctions.

There are only seven basic and main coordinating conjunctions in English Grammar, and they are- “for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so”, respectively.


Examples of Coordinating Conjunction in sentences

  1. Michael is not ready for the surgery.
  2. You have to pay for this loss.
  3. You are correct, but I am finding a unique answer to my question.
  4. She has no idea, but she wants to purchase something.
  5. We are freshers, but we can work on this.
  6. Eating and talking at the same time is a bad manner.
  7. Whether you select Ram or Shyam, both are good archers.
  8. Ava and Emily, both sisters, like dancing.
  9. I am writing a letter, and my brother is writing a homework.
  10. The client and the dealer met in the lift, unfortunately.
  11. He is neither good nor bad at swimming.
  12. Neither I want a coffee nor a breakfast after 10 o’clock.
  13. David is very clever, but he behaves like a child.
  14. Maybe she is singing or shouting.
  15. He is frustrated with his, yet he is using that one.
  16. I am confused about selecting the shoes and sneakers for running.
  17. Today is the last date of submission, yet his assignments are incomplete.
  18. Henry is very clever in Maths, so he selected Commerce stream after 10th.
  19. Scientists are trying to crack the theory so they can make some inventions.
  20. She completes all her works so that she can watch the TV.