20 Examples of Participle Phrase

What is a Participle Phrase?

A group of words consisting of a participle and the modifiers is called participle phrases along with nouns, pronouns, or noun phrases that then function as a direct object in a sentence, functions as complements, or a state that is expressed in the participle.

Examples of Participle Phrases in Sentences

  1. The monkeys hanging on the branches were eating the fruits.
  2. She was eating her lunch on a plate made of stainless steel.
  3. By coming to the point, she explains everything to the teacher.
  4. I was completing my work on a laptop sitting in the cafeteria.
  5. A person standing by the window is looking handsome.
  6. Coming to college, I completed my assignments.
  7. She was waiting for her friend sitting in the lobby.
  8. Merry always purchases utensils made of copper.
  9. Jayson loves to eat fruits sitting in the room.
  10. All my friends were playing the truth and dare game sitting around the table.
  11. That girl, sitting next to your cousin, is my crush.
  12. Coming next to you, I felt shy that time.
  13. Walking on the red carpet, I felt like a royal appearance.
  14. She gifted her brother a watch made by the Rolex company on his birthday.
  15. Subscribing to the channel, I received a lot of notifications.
  16. Reaching the house, I was honored by my parents.
  17. Removing the shoes, he slept on the bed.
  18. Ram provided a car to her wife, made of branded leather cushions.
  19. Reading the novel story, I read your name as the title of that story.
  20. I was sitting on the couch and watching movies.