20 Examples of Subordinating Conjunctions

The conjunction used before or at the beginning of the subordinating clauses is called the subordinating conjunction.
The clause becomes a complex sentence by adding the subordinating conjunction to an independent clause or dependent clause.

examples of subordinating conjunctions sentences

Example of Sentences of Subordinating Conjunction in Sentences

  1. His school bus has missed, and he has to walk for minutes.
  2. He is staying because it’s raining outside.
  3. She refused his proposal, though he follows her daily.
  4. As long as you want to stay here, you can stay.
  5. Everything was going alright before he came here to live.
  6. He went to a foreign country because he wanted more money.
  7. Since we met last time, nothing has been going well with me.
  8. Till we finish our work, you stay and watch outside.
  9. She was looking gorgeous when she was in Shimla.
  10. Believe me! Once you look at that car, you will like it.
  11. You will not crack the exam unless you prepare well.
  12. Everyone was waiting outside though he entered the building.
  13. She came near me afterward wherever I go.
  14. He likes watching cricket, but he hates playing it.
  15. Sushma completed her assignments even though she was absent yesterday.
  16. He couldn’t wait for that train which was already running late.
  17. We can take a short nap while he makes connections with the setup.
  18. They played well in today’s match, and they celebrated their victory too.
  19. After the power cuts, they shouted a lot.
  20. She slept quickly at night because she had a headache.