Examples of Reflexive Pronouns

A reflexive pronoun is a word that is used to point the subject and the object itself in a sentence. It is a type of pronoun headed by adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, or nouns referred to in the same clause.

Some reflexive pronouns are “me, myself, yourself, himself, himself, herself, itself,” for a singular pronoun and ourselves, themselves, yourselves, respectively.

examples of reflexive pronouns

Examples of Reflexive Pronouns in Sentences

  1. I don’t need you to believe in me, I believe myself.
  2. She cuts herself badly in depression.
  3. We have moved ourselves from that location.
  4. When I feel depressed, I better have a conversation with myself.
  5. You can do this all by yourself.
  6. Today evening, I will cook everything by myself.
  7. You guys will have to face this situation yourselves.
  8. She was blaming herself for that loss.
  9. Be yourself, stop changing according to the people.
  10. Now it’s your turn, do it by yourself.
  11. He loves to dance himself alone in his room.
  12. They come forward by themselves and help socially.
  13. Sonu Sood himself helped many people in this pandemic.
  14. I want to pull this useless truck myself to the garage.
  15. The dog starts barking itself in the darkness.
  16. He is being late for the office, so he makes breakfast himself.
  17. She watched herself in the place of that actress in the movie.
  18. Jenny swims herself on the beach.
  19. This vehicle itself owes a luxurious class.
  20. She knocked her car badly with a pole by herself.