20 Examples of Material Noun are in Sentences


A material noun is a noun that refers to any metal or substance or material property.
Learn twenty examples of the material noun are in sentences.

examples of material noun are in sentences

Examples of material noun

I have put the plural noun are in bold.

  1. Chains of gold are stronger than chains of iron.
  2. In the deepest water is the best fishing.
  3. A fresh coat of paint can transform a room.
  4. The little bird is eating a grain of rice.
  5. The ball breaks the glass window.
  6. She bought a dozen eggs from the market.
  7. He is cutting an iron rod with a blade.
  8. The electric wires are made up of copper and aluminum.
  9. The doctor placed a silver tooth in his mouth.
  10. Copper is a good conductor of electricity.
  11. Diamond is the hardest substance known.
  12. This perfume has a light, fresh fragrance.
  13. Put a rubber band around these books.
  14. A crushing machine reduces big rocks to powder.
  15. The pipes should be made of plastic.
  16. The butter will soften out of the fridge.
  17. Coconut fiber can be made into mats.
  18. You’ll need two tons of cement, minimum.
  19. Coal miners have to work under the ground.
  20. A white cloud passed over the sky.

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