Interjection Examples


An Interjection is a word that is used in a sentence to express a strong feeling, emotion, or excitement. Sometimes a noun or an adjective can also function as an interjection. It does not show any relation with the rest of the sentence.

examples of interjection

20 Examples of Interjection are in sentences

  1. Hoorah! We won the match.
  2. Congratulations! You have a baby girl.
  3. Oh! We lost him.
  4. Yeah! I got her number.
  5. Jesus! You saved me from those culprits.
  6. Good! Now we can start a new beginning.
  7. Hey! Get out of the car.
  8. Yes! You are right.
  9. No! I can’t do that.
  10. Well! I have an idea to get out of this situation.
  11. Oh! You are also here.
  12. What! I heard this the first time.
  13. Bravo! This trophy belongs to you this time.
  14. Hey! Will you please call me when you are going outside?
  15. Look! I will not work for you anymore.
  16. Listen! I have to announce something special tonight.
  17. Hurray! We won the tag-team championship.
  18. Ouch! It is painful.
  19. Alas! His father passed away yesterday.
  20. Yikes! Her face is so terrible after the acid attack.