20 Examples of Proper Adjective in Sentences

The proper adjectives are formed by the proper nouns that represent the noun in a better way or to modify in a sentence. The proper adjectives are different than the common adjectives. These adjectives mostly come from the names of the place and people or brands, usually referred to as famous people, historical people, countries, regions, cities, etc.

examples of proper adjective

Examples of Proper Adjective in Sentences

  1. Andrew is an Australian player.
  2. My friend has now become a Canadian citizen.
  3. Neeraj became the first Indian to win the gold in Javelin’s throw in the Olympic game.
  4. Shakira is an African pop singer.
  5. Italian foods are one of the best continental foods.
  6. Every European citizen likes operon music.
  7. Once, an astronaut mistakenly left on the Mars planet, and he lived there as a Martian for several years.
  8. Egyptian Engineers and technicians build the pyramids.
  9. The Punerian team won the title of Kabaddi championship.
  10. Brazilian people are good at drag racings.
  11. The Islamic people love to visit Mecca at least once in their life.
  12. The Indian armies always gave their best in every critical situation and rescue operation.
  13. This artillery weapon is Russian-made.
  14. He loves to take pictures with Britishers.
  15. The Harappan civilization has been proved as one of the ancient civilizations on earth.
  16. The ancient Greek language provides many of the words to the vocabulary.
  17. His sister likes an Indonesian guy who meets online.
  18. The Maharashtrian food style is one of the spiciest food styles in the world.
  19. His family is Hinduism by culture, but he accepts the Christian community.
  20. The tribal people are still struggling for their living rights from the management.