Examples of Adjective:


An adjective is used to tell more details about a noun or a pronoun. It is used to identify an individual person or a particular thing. Articles like a, an, the are used as an adjective.

Examples of adjective

20 Examples of adjective are in sentences.

  1. The gorgeous lady is coming towards us.
  2. Jack is an angry young man.
  3. Michael is one of the bravest men in his battalion.
  4. Thomas is the shortest student in his classroom. 
  5. This guy has some extraordinary talent.
  6. The red Ferrari is standing next to my door.
  7. Lucky is wearing a colourful outfit.
  8. The palm of Robin is quite bigger than ours.
  9. The interior of the house is so beautiful.
  10. This fibreglass is unbreakable.
  11. The blue whale is the largest mammal on this planet.
  12. She purchased some new woollen clothes for this winter.
  13. The design of this ornament is very beautiful.
  14. I bought a new pair of brown leather hand gloves.
  15. I want to drive a fabulous black Contessa.
  16. Don’t be afraid with my black Jerman shepherd dog.
  17. Marya wants to marry that handsome guy.
  18. She has made delicious cookies for the party.
  19. That guy looked at me and gave a naughty smile.
  20. This door had been for a long time.