20 Examples of Subjective Pronoun

A subjective pronoun is a pronoun that replaces the noun which is used more than one time in a sentence. It acts as a subject in a sentence after replacing the noun with it.

Subjective pronouns are ‘he, she, it, I, you, we, they’ respectively.

examples of subjective pronoun

Examples of Subjective Pronoun in Sentences

  1. She spends most of her time in the swimming pool.
  2. He refused to purchase the car yesterday.
  3. The scientist claims that he discovered the theory of relativity.
  4. We all ran away from that restaurant without paying the bill.
  5. You have done a great job.
  6. Yesterday, they had fixed the broken window glass.
  7. Dhar Mann said he lost his weight by taking a proper diet.
  8. She and I both went for a long drive.
  9. Last night, we went out for dinner together.
  10. He is a brave soldier and a strong man.
  11. She is not coming with us on a trip.
  12. It is the only way to make him happy now.
  13. At last, they all performed well and won the match.
  14. The teacher agreed that he could join our batch.
  15. I do not allow any of you to enter my house.
  16. I will call the cops if you stand there for more than a minute.
  17. He was saved by superman from the hooligans.
  18. She is cooking food for tonight.
  19. am writing a letter.
  20. He is awarded for playing well in the match.