Examples of Proper Noun are in Sentences

Proper Noun Examples, Read 20 examples of proper nouns are in sentences.

A proper noun is a noun that represents any particular name of a person, thing, and object.

Examples of Proper Noun

Name: Emma, Olivia, James, etc.
Place: California, Delhi, Paris, etc.
Things: Mango, Macbook, etc.
Language: English, Spanish, Arabic, German, etc.
Day: Holiday, Sunday, Saturday, etc.

examples of proper noun

Examples of Proper Noun are in Sentences

  1. KIA Motors is going to launch its new car model this week.
  2. The cricket player named Christopher Henry Gayle hits nice shots in the T20 cricket game format.
  3. The Czech Republic is a country in central Europe.
  4. Republic Day is celebrated on different days in different countries.
  5. A huge sized Cow is coming towards me.
  6. There is a lion stand in front of our Car.
  7. Ferrari and Volkswagen are two car companies owned by an Indian Industrialist Mr. Ratan Tata.
  8. The Reliance Group of Companies becomes one of the biggest companies in Asia.
  9. He is coming from the bus of the Aussizz travel agency.
  10. Valentine’s day is a day of lovebirds.
  11. Elena loves her senior Maddy.
  12. Royal Enfield launches its new model bike in Thailand.
  13. The SWAT team is one of the best police departments in the world.
  14. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the best leaders in the world.
  15. No one is allowed to enter the US President’s office without special permission.
  16. Thomas-Alva- Edison was a scientist who invented the electric bulb.
  17. Usain Bolt is an Olympic gold medalist.
  18. The CNC automatic machines are widely used in industries for obtaining perfect jobs.
  19. The Greenply plywoods are considered the best plywoods.
  20. The Christmas festival is celebrated in the month of December.

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