Examples of Conjunction in a Sentences

The conjunction is that kind of word in a part of speech that is used to connect two words, clauses, phrases together to complete a sentence.

examples of conjunction in sentences

Examples of conjunction

  1. Robin and Jenny both are good at trekking. 
  2. Their parents may decide to go out for lunch or dinner.
  3. Either we can watch the Black Panther movie or the Jurassic Park movie.
  4. He is not only good at singing but also good at acting.
  5. Megan works in Pizza hut as a part-timer, so that he can manage his expenses 
  6. This is my final decision, either you can stay with us or leave.
  7. I want to purchase a Bentley for my reputation.
  8. He bought a new skating kit for his skating classes.
  9. Not only the cupcakes but also the cookies had fallen from the table.
  10. Before we came home, he had completed his homework.
  11. He had won many trophies when he was a kid.
  12. You are overweight so that we could not take you to the team.
  13. The room was checked, but the mouse was nowhere in the room.
  14. Both of them are so close to each other.
  15. My batting is yet to come.
  16. I like swimming, but I have to go to Yoga classes.
  17. Either you sit correctly in the classroom or I will punish you.
  18. The thief can either run away from the police, or he can hide somewhere.
  19. He continued watching the movie until it finished.
  20. He is so young that he will not be able to give the army recruitment.