20 Examples of Possessive Adjective

What is Possessive Adjective?

The possessive adjective is an adjective that shows the possession quality to someone, like a noun and pronouns. There are mainly seven Possessive adjectives.

This adjective includes “my, our, its, his, her, their, and your,” respectively. These words are used as possessive adjectives that express ownership. 

possessive adjective examples

Examples of Possessive Adjectives in Sentences

  1. This property belongs to me.
  2. These are our kids.
  3. This house is theirs, and they lived here for so long.
  4. We stayed in his farmhouse.
  5. She introduces me to her family.
  6. That car is mine.
  7. This flat is yours.
  8. The players make their play and win the match.
  9. This is our mistake. we don’t have to be here.
  10. The main culprit is his colleague.
  11. He hides a first-aid kit in her friend’s pocket.
  12. I appreciate your thought.
  13. They have decided to take a tour of his personal resort.
  14. Her motive is not to make you feel down.
  15. Their opinion is also helpful for all of us.
  16. Everything does not matter in your personal life.
  17. I sat in this place for so long, and I am unable to feel my legs.
  18. His dance performances always entertain us.
  19. We also have to gift something at their anniversary.
  20. I appreciate your quick grasping power.

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