20 Examples of Possessive Noun

Are you looking for possessive noun examples? Here you will find twenty examples of possessive nouns as given below.

possessive noun examples in sentences

Possessive Poun Examples in Sentences

  1. That bird’s beak is red and longer than normal size.
  2. The Indian ocean’s water is less sour.
  3. We bunk the maths lecturer’s class today.
  4. The horse’s shoe is tougher than other animals.
  5. He is an animal husbandry doctor.
  6. My bike was punctured on the highway.
  7. The doll’s hairs are red and shiny.
  8. Pan’s handle is very short.
  9. KFC’s chicken is so delicious.
  10. David’s school bus has been missed.
  11. I will be back after returning to James’ book.
  12. There is no children’s doctor in our locality.
  13. The fragrance of the lily’s flower is so good.
  14. Amazon’s forest is famous for its dense trees.
  15. America’s president is also the president of the UN.
  16. Nora’s kitchen is looking nicer than mine.
  17.  I found this ball in our college’s backyard.
  18. We had a great time at Michael’s wedding ceremony.
  19. There is only one telephone in Jimmy’s shop.
  20. This author’s notes are very effective.

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