20 Examples of Adjective Phrase

An adjective phrase is a group of words that expresses the noun or a pronoun in a sentence. An adjective appears at present, in the middle, or at the last of an adjective phrase in a sentence. It can be placed either before or after the noun or pronoun in a sentence.

examples of adjective phrase

Examples of Adjective Phrase in Sentences

  1. If you find someone smarter than me, then what will you do with him?
  2. I saw something in that corner.
  3. My life was full of happiness before marriage.
  4. An English proverb says that slow and steady wins the race.
  5. The examination hall is so silent and quiet during the exams.
  6. A man in black is always ready for the mission.
  7. This man is a perfect example of a man of words.
  8. Seema is feeling so harassed last night.
  9. The salesman is telling the price of a car that is too costly.
  10. Why are you going in such stormy weather?
  11. All the ladies’ products and cosmetics are so expensive in this shop.
  12. My younger brother is a short-tempered person.
  13. The dinner was extremely delicious at her home.
  14. Jonathan is not so sure about his job.
  15. Sara gave birth to a very cute baby princess.
  16. The speed of light is faster than the speed of the fired bullet.
  17. After completing of work, he felt so exhausted.
  18. My elder brother is a chief neuro-surgeon in this hospital.
  19. His body looks so bulky and well-shaped.
  20. The interviewer is being nice to me during the interview.

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